As published by Wide Open Country, written by Lorie Liebig

In recent years, as harmonizing groups like Lady Antebellum and Little Big Town have found huge success, it seems about time for a new band to claim their own stake in the current country music landscape. Meet Steel Union, one of Nashville’s most promising country groups, comprised of Rachel Potter, Donny Fallgatter, and Josh Matheny. 


The group’s killer harmonies and impressive musicianship were developed by years of cultivating their individual talents. Potter honed her skills on Broadway before becoming a finalist on the third and final season of Fox’s reality music competition The X Factor. Fallgatter and Matheny also worked on their own solo projects and toured with many high-profile artists years before teaming up with Potter to form the band, which has only been in existence for a year. 

Since their formation, the group has steadily played shows in Nashville, using social media to spread the word about their music. Although they’re still in their early days as a band, I doubt it will be long before a label spots the magic created when these three perform onstage together. The amount of talent and potential that lies within the members Steel Union should not go unnoticed, especially by country fans who are looking for fresh and fun new music with a lot of substance. 

What they sound like: A spunky mixture of Little Big Town and Lady Antebellum. 

Required listening: “Slide”, a ridiculously infectious track that’s more than worthy of a number one spot on the country charts.

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